The Twilight of Liberty

The Twilight of Liberty

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The unemployment rate is 10 percent. Taxes consume a huge portion of the working peoplea€™s paychecks. Corruption dominates every level of the Government. The highest levels seek to turn control of the country over to the United Nations through the creation of a National Police force of the power-hungry Homeland Security, and it strips basic rights from the populace. David, an automotive technician, is a family man whose life seems to get worse by the day when he is placed in prison for a crime he did not commit. James is a Petty Officer on the aircraft carrier USS Jefferson. He longs for his childhood home in Alaska when times were more laidback and peaceful. His life becomes complicated when he discovers a spy aboard the ship. Benjamin, a divorced man with grown children, has been stockpiling supplies in an underground bunker in his home in Alaska. He senses something momentous is on the horizon but knows not what. The situation in the United States worsens beyond imagination, chaos ensues, and the three men race against time to find safety for themselves and their families in a world gone mad.In my experience they like to steal money from people and theya#39;re... well, theya#39;re just dirty. Sorry.a€ Liz looked over at David with an apologetic look, perhaps trying to soothe any stepped on feelings. a€œBut you dona#39;t strike me as that type though.

Title:The Twilight of Liberty
Author:S. Keith Allen
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2014-06-03


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