The Truth About Firearms and Concealed Carry

The Truth About Firearms and Concealed Carry

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Due to so much misinformation throughout America regarding firearms, I got tired of seeing innocent people die each and every day at the hands of criminals. Ia€™ve come to take this poor information and loss of innocent lives in this great country very personally, and I decided to put together a book that very thoroughly explains the way firearms and ammunition work and why they do what they do. With extensive information, I hope to further your knowledge and teach you many things to help save your life one day. This book is intended for those with absolutely no experience in firearms and also for those professionals who carry a gun every day for a living. It covers certain specific information to help every household in America to become familiar with firearms, including the most commonly owned firearms, so that nobody will be left owning a gun they cannot or should not use, and prevent as many injuries as possible. Also, it assures that you will learn considerable information and be much more prepared to maintain your life in addition to maintaining FREE America.... above is my Kimber 1911, compact stainless II in 45 ACP with a compact grip and a 4inch barrel, and my Kimber Solo ... Make sureof your firearm requirements because a cartridge case too long can cause misfeeds and jamming problems, anbsp;...

Title:The Truth About Firearms and Concealed Carry
Author:Daniel R. Engel
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-04-29


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