The Tragedy of a Modern Hero

The Tragedy of a Modern Hero

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Thomas' mind was full of ideas, and he used the awe and beauty of nature around him as inspiration, as a way to build on and further master problems some of which he had thought of years before; some of which he had no answer to. On sabbatical from his teaching career at the university, Thomas, a professor of mathematics, searches for answers to the greatest modern and ancient problems vexing humanity. Calling upon the ideals laid forth by the great idealist thinkers of the past, he analyzes these dilemmas, as well as himself, and continually asks himself the question, qWhat is truly my purpose as an infinitesimal being residing in an infinitely large universe?q Without a unifying societal goal to guide him, our modern hero becomes lost in his thoughts only to find he must ultimately define himself, as well as his own personal purpose. In relinquishing his inner turmoil, he finally decides he must champion the cause for solving the qsustainability problem, q one of the most pressing issues of modern civilization-can humans sustain themselves on Earth? Having found a purpose, Thomas exhibits newfound energy in attempting to bring the word to the public-at-large. But will tragedy destroy him in the end?She saw how his powerful jaw allowed him to bite through the tough skin and into the fruita#39;s flesh; this produced a rather loud, tearing, crushing ... a#39;I love him ... I want to love him, and I know I must love him.a#39; She felt that these may be peculiar thoughts in regards to which of Moosea#39;s actions ... Thomas began a second part of the letter below the place where he had signed his name. ... He thought, a#39;I have trouble distinguishing when one should use formal or informal language in writing.

Title:The Tragedy of a Modern Hero
Author:Blake M. Warner
Publisher:Blake M. Warner - 2007-02


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