The Traction Engine

The Traction Engine

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Developed in the late 1850s, the traction engine revolutionized the agriculture industry. James H. Maggard, an authority on steam power, wrote The Traction Engine for the Airough and tumble engineersAi tasked with operating these machines in the field. That was not an altogether easy task, even for a seasoned professional. Breakdowns, boiler explosions, and injury could result, if one was inattentive. This reprint of the 1900 edition of the book features expanded chapters on the subject of threshing machines and the new internal combustion engine models.If you counted 250 revolutions per minute as the speed of the engine, the speed of the cylinder would be in the last case 250 X 4%, or 1125 revolutions per minute. Now examine your straw and make up your mind how many concaves you will need, as well as make a first setting of your cleaner. ... Also take a last- look at the straw racks, so that you are sure that there are no obstructions left on them.

Title:The Traction Engine
Author:James H. Maggard - 2008-09


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