The Tormenting Factor

The Tormenting Factor

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This author's biography is an ongoing account of abuse, rape, and torment. It is written with a provocative tool of undercurrents that substantiate how generational curses are formed. The factual scenario of family disgruntling bears witness to the a€œlearned behaviora€ that causes extreme anxiety and emotional torment. This story is not about revenge or judgment. It is simply a chronicle to give readers a comparative view of themselves and their families with imminent clarity. Although the original purpose of this book was to share a€œdeepa€ secrets with the author's children, the crux of these secrets had already influenced too many circumstances and characteristics of her progeny. Repeated family behavior had developed into curses that were passed from generation to generation. If relationships are your enemy, and you have somehow moved from one abusive relationship to another, you will learn a€œwhya€ you continue to enter these same types of relationships. If your body is twisted due to bitterness and unforgiveness, you will learn how attitude promotes pain. If you are haunted by shadows of your past, this book may help you understand and deal with your emotions. No one is exempt from some type of family transference. Emotional effects may go unnoticed by others, although they alter our lives and usually require resolution. There is a heavily populated audience of esoteric families who are crying out everywhere because they have been hurt. If you have experienced abuse, Ima's biography may be difficult to read. Humor and faith are both excellent coping skills to help deal with the dark side. This book contains enough tincture (an admixture of humor) to help cope with emotions as readers experience the heaviness of this story. Laughter is the morphine that will numb your pain until your resolution comes.He was a gentleman, and one of the few husbands who helped me carry merchandise in and out of his home when I had Home Interior a€œShowsa€ there. After Christia#39;s birthday party, of course this little girl went home and told her parents of theanbsp;...

Title:The Tormenting Factor
Author:Ima Survivor
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-04-28


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