The Third Floor Movie Mystery

The Third Floor Movie Mystery

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When my band qThird Floorq broke up in December of 1989 I got into renting movies on the weekend. I had gone about 3 years not watching any movies because I was so busy with music. VCR's were new and renting movies was the new thing. I started hearing the phrase Third Floor in a lot of movies. I thought I may have been losing my mind so I started a list of the movies where I heard Third Floor in them. I also counted movies where there were scenes that the director did a close up of a door with a 300 series number because I figured that most 300 series rooms are on the Third Floor. My list grew and grew. Twentythree years later with me seemingly unable to get a full time job I dug out the old lists and found out that I had about 90 movies. So I decided it was book worthy. While writing the book the movie total grew to 115 movies. There is some sort of qconspiracyq going on here but I don't know what it is. The whole first half of the book is talking about how I always dreamed of being a drummer in a band and I tell my life story of what it was like to bring a dream to fruition and how I co-formed the band Third Floor and then I transition into the movie topic. If you're a person who loves movies, you've got to get this book.My mom told me that my dad took lessons on the Accordion and he practiced a lot and that he stood in the same place in the room and that he had worn off the shellac on ... So while in high school I was tremendously focused on Ice Hockey.

Title:The Third Floor Movie Mystery
Author:Daniel McTeigue
Publisher:Author House - 2014-08-01


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