The Teenage Mafia

The Teenage Mafia

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The Teenage Mafia is an extraordinary, breathtaking, and unpredictable story. Most of the action will catch you off guard. There is not another story like it. Read and follow the crew on their havoc causing journey, from assaulting and robbing people randomly to beefing with each other. Steven and Lewis are teenagers who took the wrong exit to make their dreams come true. Steven was willing to do anything to get his parents into a better house. Lewis was willing to do anything to get away from his parents. Lewis's father abused him mentally and physically. Lewis and his family shared a very dark secret. Steven and Lewis realized their goals could not get accomplished with just the two of them. Steven and Lewis recruited four other students from their school, Eric, James, Willie and Johnny. Along the way, Steven found himself making most of the important decisions for the crew. Eric is a wimpy nerd; he tried his best to toughen up his image. Eric's sex addiction led him into a love triangle with two prostitutes. James had a gambling problem. He went from losing to winning. His attitude changed for the worst, making him hard to get along with. His greed outweighed the rest of The Teenage Mafia member's greed. Willie and Johnny were stars on their school's football team with hopes of playing college football. The two first cousins were feared tremendously by other students. Will The Teenage Mafia pull together and make things work or will they fold under pressure?Barbara was outside, behind the wheel of a black four door 2008 Chevy Cobalt with a sunroof. ... This was the chance he needed to start back studying the driver license handbook, so he could past the written and the signs part of the test.

Title:The Teenage Mafia
Author:Henry F. Tyler
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-09-02


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