The Technical Writer's and Editor's Handbook

The Technical Writer's and Editor's Handbook

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Do you have a pressing need to know about technical writing but don't know whom to ask or where to look? The Technical Writer's and Editor's Handbook provides a quick and easy way to answer your questions. Author Tom Wetzel draws from actual experiences of a successful technical writing career to explain the differences in various technical writing professions and the practical tools of the working technical writer's trade and their applications. Short, quickly digestible, and illustrated chapters support the development of technical proposals, training literature, magazine articles, technical advertisements, and press releases, as well as technical manuals and users' guides among other technical documentation. A practical day-to-day working tool, this guide and reference is an essential for the personal library of all practicing technical writers and other technical professionals including: a centsLogisticians a centsTechnicians a centsEngineers a centsManagers a centsStudentsqThe military, many government agencies, and industry all require theory as mandatory in their technical manuals. Theory is also written for clients in technical proposals and in many other types of technical documents including marketinganbsp;...

Title:The Technical Writer's and Editor's Handbook
Author:Thomas D. Wetzel
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2010


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