The Tangled Bank

The Tangled Bank

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The Tangled Bank is the first textbook about evolution intended for the general reader. Zimmer, an award-winning science writer, takes readers on a fascinating journey into the latest discoveries about evolution. In the Canadian Arctic, paleontologists unearth fossils documenting the move of our ancestors from sea to land. In the outback of Australia, a zoologist tracks some of the world's deadliest snakes to decipher the 100-million-year evolution of venom molecules. In Africa, geneticists are gathering DNA to probe the origin of our species. In clear, non-technical language, Zimmer explains the central concepts essential for understanding new advances in evolution, including natural selection, genetic drift, and sexual selection. He demonstrates how vital evolution is to all branches of modern biology--from the fight against deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria to the analysis of the human genome. Richly illustrated with 285 illustrations and photographs, The Tangled Bank is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the history of life on Earth.Ehrlich, Paul Ra€ž and Robert M, Pringle, 2008. ... Zeebe, Richard E., James C. Zachos, Ken Caldeira, and Toby Tyrrell, 2008. ... Geffeney, Shana, Edmund D. Brodie III, Peter C. Ruben, and Edmund D. Brodie Jr., 2002. ... The Tragedy of the Coevolutionary Commons Kiers, E. Toby, Robert A. Rousseau, Stuart A. West, and R. Ford ... 2008. Phenotypic mismatches reveal escape from arms-race coevolution.

Title:The Tangled Bank
Author:Carl Zimmer
Publisher:Roberts & Company - 2010


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