The Superfluid Phases of Helium 3

The Superfluid Phases of Helium 3

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This classic of modern theoretical physics is the first and only comprehensive treatment of the superfluid phases of helium 3, a crucial aspect of condensed matter physics with applications to many other fields. The self-contained approach explores ideas, concepts, and theoretical results, emphasizing symmetries and the consequences of their spontaneous breakdown. 1990 edition.Unconventional Cooper pairing, first observed in superfluid Helium-3, is now known to occur in a large number of superconductors [2-4]. ... One spectacular use of superfluid Helium-3 is the creation of topological defects by rapidly cooling through a ... As quantum objects these defects carry topologically protected quantum phase information which makes them possible components in future quantumanbsp;...

Title:The Superfluid Phases of Helium 3
Author:Dieter Vollhardt, Peter Wolfle
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 2013-08


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