The Structure of American Industry

The Structure of American Industry

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Americans continually cross paths with major industries that comprise the U.S. economy. These industries face and raise challenging issues that in turn generate important economic questions: How are individual industries organized and structured? What share of their market do they represent? What are the major public policy issues they affect? What are the economic consequences of addressing them? A single text examining every industry would provide a disjointed, haphazard analysis. The case-study approach taken in The Structure of American Industry avoids such shortcomings. The expert author of each case studyfourteen in allpresents a comprehensive and coherent analysis of a specific industry. The holistic, in-depth treatment sparks lively interest, does not succumb to theoretical abstractions, and offers practical answers to economic questions.After dismissing the Prius and Insight hybrids pioneered by Toyota and Honda in 1998 and 1999 as a public relations stunt lacking business ... 57Quoted in Albert Lee, Call Me Roger (New York: Contemporary Books, 1988), 96. ... Power firm at, and by Consumer Reports at

Title:The Structure of American Industry
Author:James Brock
Publisher:Waveland Press - 2013-03-20


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