The Storm King

The Storm King

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Satisfied with her upscale lifestyle in Seattle, Jenna Niasmith is making great strides in her position as head interior designer at Smith and Williams. She has been a longtime favorite of the boss and returned to the company after a five-year marriage that turned sour. But her hopes for the corner office are dashed when the boss's son, Dirk Williams, returns from a failed stint at college to take her place running the office. Suddenly the position she worked so hard to achieve is crumbling beneath her. Upset with Dirk's manipulation of the office women, Jenna plots to thwart him at his own game. In the midst of Jenna's work struggles, she meets a mysterious stranger, who shares stories from his travels as an elemental. The Storm King enchants Jenna with his luminescent tales, and she embraces the new friends that enter her life. Peggy Shaw's heartfelt novel will mesmerize you with the woven tales of Jenna and The Storm King.a€œThe next five boxes I came to were filled with Tonka trucks, Hot Wheels, and Lionel Trains that Greg had collected in his youth. They were stacked ... In mint condition and in their original boxes, they were worth their weight in gold.a€ a€œThey wereanbsp;...

Title:The Storm King
Author:Peggy Shaw
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-03


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