The State of Play

The State of Play

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FEATURING: IAN BOGOST - LEIGH ALEXANDER - ZOE QUINN - ANITA SARKEESIAN a KATHERINE CROSS - IAN SHANAHAN - ANNA ANTHROPY - EVAN NARCISSE - HUSSEIN IBRAHIM - CARA ELLISON a BRENDAN KEOGH - DAN GOLDING - DAVID JOHNSTON - WILLIAM KNOBLAUCH - MERRITT KOPAS - OLA WIKANDER The State of Play is a call to consider the high stakes of video game culture and how our digital and real lives collide. Here, video games are not hobbies or pure recreation; they are vehicles for art, sex, and race and class politics. The sixteen contributors are entrencheda€”they are the video game creators themselves, media critics, and Internet celebrities. They share one thing: they are all players at heart, handpicked to form a superstar roster by Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson, the authors of the bestselling Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus qNotchq Persson and the Game that Changed Everything. The State of Play is essential reading for anyone interested in what may well be the defining form of cultural expression of our time. qIf you want to explain to anyone why videogames are worth caring about, this is a single volume primer on where we are, how we got here and where we're going next. In every way, this is the state of play.q a€”Kieron Gillen, author of The Wicked + the Divine, co-founder of Rock Paper Shotgun From the Hardcover edition.Epigraph taken from Vault Dwellera#39;s Survival Guide, the instruction manual for Fallout 3. ... away from themes of war and pushed more familyfriendly games featuring cartoonish charactersa€”think Super Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog.

Title:The State of Play
Author:Daniel Goldberg
Publisher:Seven Stories Press - 2015-10-20


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