The Spark That Killed 230 People!

The Spark That Killed 230 People!

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The sudden disappearance of TWA flight 800 on the night of July 17, 1996 caused an avalanche of rumors and theories about what might have happened. A Boeing 747 does not just disappear in a split second. The NTSB's investigation of the crash became the most thorough, most expensive and largest accident investigation in the Safety Board's history. No stone was left unturned. The Safety Board concluded that the probable cause of the accident was an explosion of the center wing fuel tank (CWT), resulting from ignition of the flammable fuel/air mixture in the tank. The source of the ignition was most likely an electrical short circuit. The Safety Board, in the course of its investigation, inspected numerous airplanes to check on electrical wiring. What became clear is that wiring is a huge problem in aviation. Ed Block, a Defense whstleblower tried in the 1980s to draw attention to the problem but was fired instead of awarded. The military changed its wire specifications after massive problems, on commercial airplanes nothing changed. Almost six years after the accident, he FAA has not done much. How many more people have to die by wire before serious measures are taken?About 90 percent of the 747-100, -200, and a€”300 series airplanes are equipped with FQIS components manufactured by ... the 747-100, -200, and a€”300 series airplanes and all 747-400 airplanes have been retrofitted with FQIS components manufactured by ... 31 The fuel quantity totalizer indicator (termed the a€œgross weight/total fuel weight indicatora€ in the TWA 747 Operations Manual) is a dual- counteranbsp;...

Title:The Spark That Killed 230 People!
Author:Djanicelle Barreveld
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-02-20


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