The Soldier's Guide

The Soldier's Guide

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This manual condenses important information from a number of U.S. Army regulations, field manuals, and other publications into one crucial volume. Written to answer the many questions asked by soldiers of all ranks in the Army, it covers everything from the history and traditions of the American military to training and service benefits. Find out about such ideals as qThe Warrior Ethosq that drive soldiers during a mission and the Army's values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage, and discipline. In addition, sections cover ethical reasoning, the basic principles of war, military courtesies, individual combat skills, and more.The Complete Guide to U.S. Army Traditions, Training, and Responsibilities Department of the Army ... tasks and skills, see STP 211 SMCT, Soldiera#39;s Manual of Common Tasks, and FM 321.75 (21 75), Combat Skills of the Soldier. For more information onphysical training, seeFM 322.20 (2120), Physical Fitness Training.

Title:The Soldier's Guide
Author:Department of the Army
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2013-12-13


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