The Sociology of Return Migration: A Bibliographic Essay

The Sociology of Return Migration: A Bibliographic Essay

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1. 1. Why this essay? It is customary for the author on return migration to complain about the lack of theoretical and empirical knowledge on his sub ject. Three recen t general handbooks on the sociology of migra tion Jackson (1969), Jansen (1970) and Albrecht (1972), pro duce together no more than 10 sources on return migration. The extensive migration bibliography by Mangalam (1968), although giving no less than 2051 titles, still comes up with no more than 10 sources. I t is true that not so many books and articles are de voted exclusively to return migration: Appleyard (1962a, 1962b), Cerase (1967, 1970), Committee . . . (1967), Davison, B. (1968), Dietzel (1971), Elizur (J 973), Feindt a Browning (1972), Form a Rivera (1958), Frohlich a Schade (1966), Hemandez-Alvarez (1967, 1968), Kraak (1957a, 1957b, 1958), Kayser (1972), Myers a Masnick (1968), Migration News (1969), Mc Donald (1963), O. E. C. D. (1967a, 1967b), Patterson, H. O. (1968), Richmond (1967a, 1967b, 1968), Richardson (1968), Saloutos (1956), Stark (1967b), Vanderkamp (1972), Vagts (1960) and Wilder-Okladek (1969). But this does not imply that no further research has been done and that therefore every new student of return migration had to begin from scratch. In numerous studies on emigration, migrant labour, immigration, integration and assimilation, room has been made for a chapter or a paragraph on qthose who re turnedq or qthe migrant's returnq. I've found the demographical periodical Population Index relatively useful in tracing the subject. 1. 2.Frank Bovenkerk. Kizilbash, M. 1964 The employment of returning US educated Indians. In: Comparative Education Review, 8 (3), pp. 320a€“326. ... from age distributionsin large andsmall towns of East and West Pakistan. In: Proceedings of theanbsp;...

Title:The Sociology of Return Migration: A Bibliographic Essay
Author:Frank Bovenkerk
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-06-29


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