The Social Science Jargon Buster

The Social Science Jargon Buster

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- Are you confused by academic jargon? - Do you know your `discourse' from your `dialectic'? - Can you tell the difference between `anomie' and `alienation'? The Social Science Jargon Buster tackles the most confusing concepts in the social sciences, breaking each down and bringing impressive clarity and insight to even the most complex terms. `This book successfully addresses the central task for any teacher of social theory - how to make the material accessible without making it simplistic and banal. The overall effect is a most effective text that hard-pressed students and lecturers will grab with both hands' - Dave Harris, Senior Lecturer in Social Science This practical, down-to-earth dictionary will help students new to social science discourse gain a thorough understanding of the key terms. Each entry includes a concise core definition, a more detailed explanation and an introduction to the associated debates and controversies. In addition, students will find a useful outline of the practical application of each term, as well as a list of key figures and recommendations for futher reading. This dictionary brings a refreshing clarity to social science discourse, making it essential reading for all students on undergraduate social science courses.Does feminism imply I should be embarrassed to be a wife and mother a€“ or proud ? ... For an introduction to feminist theory/history, try Feminist Theory: A Reader ( Kolmar and Bartowski 2003) and No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and anbsp;...

Title:The Social Science Jargon Buster
Author:Zina O'Leary
Publisher:SAGE - 2007-09-17


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