The Social Labs Revolution

The Social Labs Revolution

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Current responses to our most pressing societal challengesa€”from poverty to ethnic conflict to climate changea€”are not working. These problems are incredibly dynamic and complex, involving an ever-shifting array of factors, actors, and circumstances. They demand a highly fluid and adaptive approach, yet we address them by devising fixed, long-term plans. Social labs, says Zaid Hassan, are a dramatically more effective response. Social labs bring together a diverse a group of stakeholdersa€”not to create yet another five-year plan but to develop a portfolio of prototype solutions, test those solutions in the real world, use the data to further refine them, and test them again. Hassan builds on a decade of experiencea€”as well as drawing from cutting-edge research in complexity science, networking theory, and sociologya€”to explain the core principles and daily functioning of social labs, using examples of pioneering labs from around the world. He offers a new generation of problem solvers an effective, practical, and exciting new vision and guide.MoRe RainFoReSTS, FeweR planTaTionS How do we build environments that support innovation? ... In doing so, they created a model for innovation ecosystems called the Rainforest, which a€œnurtures budding ideas so they can grow intoanbsp;...

Title:The Social Labs Revolution
Author:Zaid Hassan
Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers - 2014-02-03


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