The Slow Constellations Wheeled On

The Slow Constellations Wheeled On

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Randall is an ambitious boy trying to survive in a college town. He is also secretly a teenage runaway. His parents' failing marriage and a growing impatience to escape his small town prompts him to start a new life for himself. Precariously playing the part of a 21-year-old, while balancing school and his job in pizza delivery, is a bigger challenge than he thought, especially with the temptations of college life at every turn. He wants to make it on his own, yet battles the despair and loneliness of living a lie that both repels him from and pulls him back to his troubles at home. His grandfather is an inspiration and voice of reason, but thoughts of his mother wrack his dreams and his conscience with guilt. It is the hardships he continually faces that may prove to be too much, though, ultimately challenging his beliefs in his own salvation, battering him emotionally and spiritually, bringing him to the edge of the abyss.I hated getting those outof-place looks from other people for still having my work clothes on in some other place of business, like Iwas wearing scuba gear on a ski slope. Driving through evening town traffic, I stopped at a grocery store for a fewanbsp;...

Title:The Slow Constellations Wheeled On
Author:David Wayne Hampton - 2012-09-01


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