The Sky Lords

The Sky Lords

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The Gene Wars have turned Earth into a blighted wasteland. Mile-long airships patrol the skies, exacting crippling tribute from the scattered ground communities. Threatened by mutant vegetation and predatory creatures, forced to the brink of starvation by the Sky Lords, Minerva - a former feminist utopia - has had enough. Its rebellion is swiftly crushed and Jan Dorvin, a Minervan warrior, is winched aboard a Sky Lord; towards a fate worse than death. For as a ground dweller and slave - but above all, as a woman - she is now regarded as the lowest form of humanity and is consigned to a life spent serving the sexual appetites of male slaves. But no Minervan could be kept slave for very long...One group survived for only a short time, having come down near alarge unit of Sky Warriors, but the second group ... damage and might even be permanently crippled if it proved impossible to repair Cell number Seven andfill it with hydrogen.

Title:The Sky Lords
Author:John Brosnan
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-12-21


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