The Sky Full of Stars

The Sky Full of Stars

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The Sky Full of Stars is the first volume in the Stars Trilogy. Set in a mini ice age following a Middle Eastern nuclear war, a hostile theocratic European regime called the Gaians are determined to wipe Democracy from the Earth forever. Only the development of a new Star Drive technology, and the actions of a small group of pilots can stem their thirst for dominance. But will the price be too great for even the once mighty States and Provinces of a United North America or even the world? When even the pilots themselves become the most precious resource? Laced throughout with the authors characteristic dark humour, this volume is the genesis of a decade spanning and epic tale of war and personal redemption.That will reboot the avionics and give me manual control without software restrictions.a€ a€œOkay.a€ The Major sat back down in the copilots seat and fastened his seat harness. Ten seconds later there was barely a bump as the Gulfstreama#39;s wheelsanbsp;...

Title:The Sky Full of Stars
Author:Martyn Jones
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-06-05


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