The Six Principles of Service Excellence

The Six Principles of Service Excellence

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In reading this book, you will find that The Six Principles of Service Excellence IS: a€c A simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process that, if followed implicitly, will lead any organization (small or large) to achieving and sustaining a work environment that will foster superior employee performance and service excellence. a€c More than a theory or concept. It is a process that is effectively used in many healthcare, financial, legal, hospitality and food service organizations today by skilled and knowledgeable performance consultants and leaders. You will further come to realize that The Six Principles of Service Excellence IS NOT: a€c A quick-fix. It is not about herding a group of employees through a 2-4 hour customer service workshop and calling it a day. a€c For everyone, nor every organization. Without 100% commitment and involvement from senior leadership, it will not thrive. a€c A superficial, Pep Rally. It is about making sound decisions and implementing interventions that will create lasting results.Service excellence is about taking the customer experience to an unparalleled level; exceeding what is typically offered by your ... I often use the school report card as an example to further explain the difference between service excellence and customer service. ... a child brings home a a€œB, a€ it is still considered good; nonetheless, deep inside, the parent knows that their child is capable of doing better.

Title:The Six Principles of Service Excellence
Author:Theo Gilbert-Jamison
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-08-09


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