The Siege and the Fall of Constantinople in 1453

The Siege and the Fall of Constantinople in 1453

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A major study and an essential reference work, this book presents a critical evaluation of the sources on the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. In Part I: The Pen, drawing upon manuscript and printed sources, and looking at the contrasting interpretations in secondary works, the authors reassess the written evidence concerning the event. In Part II, The Sword, the investigation results in new conclusions concerning the layout of the Theodosian Walls, the offensive and defensive strategies of the Byzantines and Turks, including land and sea operations, and an analysis of some of the major engagements.Cf. G. T. Zoras, aquot;Al TeAeirraloa E-Tryuai to\3 KcovoTavTivou IlaXoaoXoYOu Kca tou Ma)au.efl toO KaTaKTnToO, aquot; EXXrjviKT) ArjfiLOvpyLcc 8 (1951): 202-210 (= G. T. Zoras, Tlepi r-qv aquot;AXwaiv rrjc KwpaTauTLUoviroXewc [Athens, 1959], pp.

Title:The Siege and the Fall of Constantinople in 1453
Author:Marios Philippides, Walter K. Hanak
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2011


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