The Shifting Definitions of Genre

The Shifting Definitions of Genre

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Histories of science fiction often dicuss Fritz Lang's Metropolis as a classic work within the genre--yet the term qscience fictionq had not been invented at the time of the film's release. If the genre did not have a name, did it exist? Does retroactive assignment to a genre change our understanding of a film? Do films shift in meaning and status as the name of a genre changes meaning over time? These provocative questions are at the heart of this book, whose thirteen essays examine the varying constructions of genre within film, television, and other entertainment media. Collectively, the authors argue that generic labels are largely irrelevant or even detrimental to the works to which they are applied. Part One examines the meanings of genre and reveals how the media is involved in the production and dissemination of generic definitions. Part Two considers specific films (or groups of films) and their relationships within various categorizations. Part Three focuses on the closely tied concepts of history and memory as they relate to the perceptions of genre.Essays on Labeling Films, Television Shows and Media Lincoln Geraghty, Mark Jancovich. ence ... This poses interesting questions about the use of the website as a center for disseminating information about the cable channel and its version anbsp;...

Title:The Shifting Definitions of Genre
Author:Lincoln Geraghty, Mark Jancovich
Publisher:McFarland - 2008-03-24


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