The Shape of Content

The Shape of Content

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This book is a collection of creative piecesa€”poems, short stories, essays, play excerptsa€”that give shape to mathematical and scientific content. This book portrays by example how various people work creatively with ideas from mathematics and other sciences. Creative writing about the content of mathematics and science is rare, and creative writing about the activity of mathematical and scientific creation is even rarer. And yet, when it occurs, it can be extremely popular, as well known plays like Proof and Copenhagen and biographies like A Beautiful Mind and The Man Who Loved Only Numbers attest. What draws the public to these works? And why, given that something does, are there so few examples of literature that engages these themes? Mathematics and science are part of world culture, part of the human spirit, fit subjects for art of all kinds.Shape of Content is an anthology of creative writing. The shapes are the literary forms of creative writing: poems, essays, drama, fiction, nonfiction. The content is broad too, but with a common thread: mathematical and scientific themes andanbsp;...

Title:The Shape of Content
Author:Chandler Davis, Marjorie Senechal, Jan Zwicky
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-10-28


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