The Seventh Sacrament

The Seventh Sacrament

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a€˜Therea€™s an entire underground city down there . . . houses and temples, entire streets. I talked to a couple of the cavers Leo called in. They hero-worshipped Giorgio. The man had been to places the rest of them could only dream about.a€™ Giorgio Bramante, a Roman archaeology professor, was master of the hidden world beneath the earth a€“ until the day he lost his young son, Alessio, to a group of students intent on re-creating a centuries-old ritual to a long-banished god. His rage knew no bounds and, in a frenzy, he beat one of the students to death. Released from prison fourteen years later, Giorgio is bent upon a terrifying revenge on all those he blames for the loss of his son. Inspector Leo Falcone, a member of the original investigating team, is one of his targets. And Nic Costa, watching Falcone move relentlessly into the mana€™s merciless grip, realizes the answer must lie in solving a cold case that, like the forgotten Alessio Bramante, has long been regarded as dead and buried for good. Praise for David Hewson: a€˜Very enjoyable Italian mysteries . . . cleverly worked out and sharply written' Literary ReviewIt was a scarlet Piaggio Vespa ET4, a retro machine clothed in 1960s styling to give it the look of the original from some old black and white movie in the old Rome of Fellini and Rossellini. This incongruous sight silenced them all: Falcone andanbsp;...

Title:The Seventh Sacrament
Author:David Hewson
Publisher:Pan Macmillan - 2009-09-18


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