The Seventeen Provers of the World

The Seventeen Provers of the World

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Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first time a mathematical theorem was proven by a computer system, Freek Wiedijk initiated the present book in 2004 by inviting formalizations of a proof of the irrationality of the square root of two from scientists using various theorem proving systems. The 17 systems included in this volume are among the most relevant ones for the formalization of mathematics. The systems are showcased by presentation of the formalized proof and a description in the form of answers to a standard questionnaire. The 17 systems presented are HOL, Mizar, PVS, Coq, Otter/Ivy, Isabelle/Isar, Alfa/Agda, ACL2, PhoX, IMPS, Metamath, Theorema, Leog, Nuprl, Omega, B method, and Minlog.Isabelle is a logical framework, where objectlogics (e.g. HOL or ZF) are embedded into a general natural deduction ... Thus recipients may access formal proof documents without any special tools required, apart from a standard PDF viewer.

Title:The Seventeen Provers of the World
Author:Freek Wiedijk
Publisher:Springer - 2006-01-30


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