The Seven Story Tower

The Seven Story Tower

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From the white stag to the green knight, The Seven Story Tower examines how myth colors our perception of history, nature, and ourselves. Organized around seven key myths-representing the Irish, Greek, Sumerian, Indonesian, Amazonian, and Inuit cultures, as well as the fantasy world of J. R. R. Tolkien-this book is the perfect intro-duction to the common themes found in world mythology. Curtiss Hoffman, a noted archaeologist and anthropologist, takes us beyond the entertaining stories and uses insights from cultural anthropology and analytical psychology to analyze the many common themes found throughout. In particular, he examines the significance of names, numbers, plants, animals, the heavenly bodies, and the human body. The Seven Story Tower will enhance the reader's appreciation of myth's power today over our lives and cultures.We shall consider the motif of incest in more detail in Stories Six and Seven. While marriage exchange is absent from Story Four, the myth certainly features both gift exchange and burial. Both of these are represented in the form they are anbsp;...

Title:The Seven Story Tower
Author:Curtiss Hoffman
Publisher:Basic Books - 2008-01-07


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