The Senior Driver's Survival Guide

The Senior Driver's Survival Guide

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Senior Drivers! Your future is in jeopardy. A disturbing situation is developing in the United States. Since people are living longer, the number of drivers over 65 is escalating three times as rapidly as the general driving population. Older people have difficulty concentration, shorter attention spans and failing vision among other ailments. Unfortunately this results in frequent driving mishaps, sometimes with catastrophic results. Taking away their driving privileges would deprive them of their self esteem and independence. This could happen if they continued to have accidents caused by their propensity to get distracted easily and lose concentration. Some states have already enacted laws requiring re-exams for seniors. No doubt many more will follow. Driving slower in traffic is not the answer. This could cause accidents. Driving too fast would be worse since a persona€™s attention span and reaction time deteriorate with age. It does not matter how skillful he or she once were, aging diminishes skill in almost all areas including the operation of a motor vehicle. Driving today has become more complex as many more cars are on the road. When seniors started to drive, turnpikes and expressways were non existent. After observing the avoidable accidents seniors were having, and realizing how their ranks were exploding, I decided to write a€œThe Senior Drivera€™s Survival Guidea€ a€“ subtitled What You Must Know to Protect Your Driving Privileges. Its contents can enable older drivers to drive with a more acute awareness and help them to be better drivers in their a€œGoldena€ years. It is an important book which has the power to change and save lives.Many an examiner has commented to me and said, a€œYour applicant gave me a good ride.a€ Another reason to go to a driving school is that your instructor will show you the most asked questions in the driving manual. To pass the test you mustanbsp;...

Title:The Senior Driver's Survival Guide
Author:Norman Klein
Publisher:Author House - 2010-05-20


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