The Second World War in the Air

The Second World War in the Air

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This book is a complete narrative history of the Second World War in the air which starts by describing the early days of flight in order to put military air power in context when World War Two began. It then moves on to a step-by-step coverage of the air combat in each theatre of war. Offering a comprehensive history a€“ that includes the lesser known campaigns such as the fighting in Burma, Italy and East Africa as well as the air offensive in Western Europe and the struggle in the Pacific a€“ it also re-examines the RAF bombing of German cities and the moral issues raised. This is the first history of the air war to give full and proportionate coverage to the war in Russia, which until now has been largely ignored. The Second World War in the Air is a comprehensive review of the air war. Ita€™s meticulously researched, readable and remains in touch with what the fighting meant for individuals in the various combatant nations.The threatofair attack was so serious fora Uboat that it had to diveas soon asit sawan aeroplane and onceunderwater its speed ... It was directedin the same direction as the radar scanner. Because of the noise of the sea and of their engines Uboats often didnot detect the approach of an aircraftat nightand the light was their firstwarning ofdanger but it came too ... Inthe new yearthere came into service a newversion ofthe Spitfire with amore powerful engine and armed with two 20mm.

Title:The Second World War in the Air
Author:Merfyn Bourne
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2013-02-01


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