The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment

The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment

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A definitive, authoritative and up-to-date resource for anyone interested in the theories, models and assessment methods used for understanding the many factes of Human personality and individual differences This brand new Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment 2-Volume Set constitutes an essential resource for shaping the future of the scientific foundation of personality research, measurement, and practice. There is need for an up-to-date and international Handbook that reviews the major contemporary personality models Vol. 1 and associated psychometric measurement instruments Vol. 2 that underpin the scientific study of this important area of individual differences psychology, and in these two Handbooks this is very much achieved. Made unique by its depth and breadth the Handbooks are internationally edited and authored by Professors Gregory J. Boyle, Gerald Matthews, and Donald H. Saklofske and authored by internationally known academics, this work will be an important reference work for a host of researchers and practitioners in the fields of individual differences and personality assessment, clinical psychology, educational psychology, work and organizational psychology, health psychology and other applied fields as well. Volume 2: Personality Measurement and Assessment. Covers psychometric measurement of personality and has coverage of the following broad topics, listed by section heading: q General Methodological Issues q Multidimensional Personality Instruments q Assessment of Biologically-Based Traits q Assessment of Self-Regulative Traits q Implicit, Projective And Objective Measures Of Personality q Abnormal Personality Trait Instruments q Applications of Psychological Testing... is not concerned with the accrual of facts, except perhaps the deep learning achiever scale) but is generally neither curious nor pro-social. ... This allows us to apply personality assessment to not only describe behavior, but to really use it to drive issues such as the management of ... temperament thereby permitting the THE SAGE HANDBOOK OF PERSONALITY THEORY AND ASSESSMENT.

Title:The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment
Author:Gregory J Boyle, Gerald Matthews, Donald H Saklofske
Publisher:SAGE Publications Limited - 2008-07-15


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