The Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis

The Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis

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The Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis is a comprehensive guide to the workings of today's energy world, explaining the seductive nature of fossil fuels and the reasons why international climate change negotiations are proving so difficult. If you're interested in escaping the trap of fossil fuels and moving to a low carbon world, this is the guide for you. Realistically looking at the pitfalls, pressures and prospects for renewable energy, The Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis also shows that there is hope in new energy conservation techniques, made possible by smart grids and smart metering. You'll also discover energy security issues and future tensions that could occur, like the possibility of the lights going out, jeopardising public support for a world of cleaner energy.Inorder tobe seen todo something forthe environment, the Grand Prix racing industryhas allowed Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems to be fitted to racing cars. These gadgets recover the energy lost in braking a€“either mechanically, withanbsp;...

Title:The Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis
Author:David Buchan
Publisher:Rough Guides UK - 2012-06-21


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