The Road to Manufacturing Success

The Road to Manufacturing Success

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The Road to Manufacturing Success: Common Sense Throughput Solutions for Small Business is a firsthand look at the evolution of the manufacturing software industry by one of its leading pioneers. It describes the major breakthrough contributions made by leading pioneers such as Joe Orlicky, Oliver Wight, and George Plossl as well as the various pitfalls and barriers to advancement that they faced along the way. It uncovers some long-awaited, insightful solutions for the small manufacturer of today and tomorrow. And it offers tips and lessons of value to any manufacturer or technology company executive. The book is built around the trials and tribulations of the author, Dick Lilly, one of the founding fathers of MRP and the enterprise software industry itself. For most of us, successfully launching a single enterprise, application software company looks about as easy as scaling Mount Everest. Dick has now successfully launched three companies. His fascinating story is, in part, about a fearless entrepreneur who aimed high, always kept his word, and never lost sight of his customers and should serve as an inspiration to all entrepreneurs.Experience has shown that manufacturing has a need for 1. a central information system, and 2. a framework to facilitate mechanization. Production Information and Control System, IBM PICS manual (Courtesy of IBM Archives.) ... New competitors were entering the market and numerous new machines were being rolled out from old and new competitors alike. ... 196 losses to the Honeywell initiative.15 Honeywell and the rest of the emerging BUNCH saw a promising future, indeed.

Title:The Road to Manufacturing Success
Author:Richard T. Lilly
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-09-27


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