The Road to Mama Bear

The Road to Mama Bear

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Matt Haldeman is still young but already wealthy when he drops out of corporate America. With his beloved dogs and his brand-new truck and trailer, he sheds most of his material possessions and begins his life anew. Matt sets out to discover all he had been missing. He travels solo through Nevada, Montana, British Columbia, and Alaska through snow-covered mountains beyond growth, struggle, and death. He had dreamed of these quiet roads and moonlit woodlands, and now the earth had become his new reality. But this strange new life is not without bitter internal conflict. After extreme highs and lows and intensive soul-searching, several life-altering events occur in rapid succession. A fortuitous meeting brings him to a ranch in British Columbia that is owned by Martha, also known as Mama Bear. It is at the ranch where Matt ultimately discovers the truth and meaning for which he had long been searching.I got so confused even the 1954 Ford Truck Ownera#39;s Manual couldna#39;t help me anymore. There was no section that told you how to rebuild the truck start to finish and I panicked. It was one giant puzzle and the pieces werena#39;t fitting together.

Title:The Road to Mama Bear
Author:Nancy Palmie
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-01-01


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