The Road to Galaxy Formation

The Road to Galaxy Formation

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The formation of galaxies is one of the greatest puzzles in astronomy, the solution is shrouded in the depths of space and time, but has profound implications for the universe we observe today. This book discusses the beginnings of the process from cosmological observations and calculations. It examines the different theories of galaxy formation and shows where each theory either succeeds or fails in explaining what we actually observe. In addition, the book looks ahead to what we may expect to uncover about the epoch of galaxy formation from the new and upcoming generations of telescopes and technology.An integrated proArle of the neutral hydrogen in a typical spiral galaxy, NGC 1637 , observed in a beam large enough to encompass all its emission. ... provided by Martha Haynes, as published in Astronomical Journal, 115, 62 (1998). galaxy (in whatever wavelength range) should ... done in a survey of nearly 2, 500 southern spirals from Australia in successive surveys by Mathewson, Ford, and Buchhorn.

Title:The Road to Galaxy Formation
Author:William C Keel
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-08-17


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