The Road to Democracy in South Africa: 1970-1980

The Road to Democracy in South Africa: 1970-1980

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The Road to Democracy project is a chronological analysis of four decades - 1960-1970, 1970-1980, 1980-1990, 1990-1994, bearing in mind the four areas of focus above and the following themes for each decade which include: Political context: the political dynamics of each decade, such as the banning of the liberation movements, the formation of insurgency structures, exile and the containment of black resistance in the 1960s, key organizations and key individuals: the formation, policies and objectives, membership and activities of key organizations during each decade, and the role of key historical, as well as less well-known but significant, actors, strategy and tactics: the evolution of the strategy and tactics of key organizations, including debates around changing strategies and the impact of adopted strategies and tactics on revolutionary developments, regime response: the response of the apartheid regime to the activities of the liberation movements, including changes in the nature of the apartheid state, the evolution of policies to contain black resistance, and repression and counter-revolutionary strategy, international context: the role of the international community in the liberation of South Africa and international events and processes that impacted on the liberation struggle, regional context: regional events and processes that had an impact on the liberation struggle and the decision to adopt a negotiation strategy and studies of provincial and local involvement in the liberation struggle as well as the major outcomes at the end of each decade.Despite criticism and attempted intervention by the South African government, not even as prominent a figure as Sam Motsuenyane, ... Typically, this action involved loss of jobs, children being removed from schools, pensions stopped, etc. ... After several members had been fined or imprisoned for not doing so, the entire village packed up and moved to areas near Dennilton and Hammanskraal.

Title:The Road to Democracy in South Africa: 1970-1980
Author:South African Democracy Education Trust
Publisher:Unisa Press - 2004


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