The Revenge of Hatpin Mary

The Revenge of Hatpin Mary

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This book may set down the myth of June Cleaver once and for all. Chad Dell deftly details a 1950s revolution in the making: millions of women of all ages flocked to wrestling arenas across the country, drawn to a parade of glistening bodies, purple satin capes and characters such as Gorgeous George and Killer Kowalski while millions more roared their approval as they watched on television. Dell's analysis of television broadcasts, media artifacts, fan club ephemera and interviews with wrestlers and their fans paints a new portrait of women in the 1950s who embraced the power of their passions.See cultural taste Taylor, Verta, 3, 8, 10nn29-30 Teal, Scott, 146nl4 Tebbel, John, 48, 48n2, 48n5 technology use, 86, 88-89, 144n31, 144n37, 145n38 teens. ... See also Sonora Flash True Crime, 47 Tuchman, Gaye, 135nl0 Tulloch, John, 78 TV Guide, 34, 39-40, 42, 44-46 U Ultimate ... See Wrestling As You Like It Weider, Joseph, 49, 140n48 Weissmuller, Johnny, 125 Welch, Bill, 26 Wertham, Fredric, anbsp;...

Title:The Revenge of Hatpin Mary
Author:Chad Dell
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2006-01-01


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