The Relativity of Deviance

The Relativity of Deviance

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The Relativity of Deviance is a short, clearly-written primer by award-winning expert in sociology and criminology, John Curra. Offering a high-level analysis of the relativity of deviancea€”perfect for use in conjunction with any of the core deviance textbooks on the marketa€”Curra answers such questions as: What is deviance? What comprises deviant behavior? How are deviants treated? Why is the same act sometimes praised and sometimes condemned as deviant behavior? Through insightful and thought-provoking examples such as the blue people of Kentucky, a woman who believes she is a vampire, autoerotic asphyxiates, and others, Curra illustrates that deviance cannot be explained in terms of absolutes nor can it be understood apart from its social setting. This book approaches issues of sex, violence, theft, drugs, and mental disorders in a way that makes definitive or objective judgments impossible.Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Washington, DC: Author. American Psychiatric Association. (1968). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (2nd ed.). ... Davies, V. (1947). Miracle on 34th Street. References.

Title:The Relativity of Deviance
Author:John Curra
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2013-04-16


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