The Reflections Series Books 1 - 7

The Reflections Series Books 1 - 7

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The opening installment in a series that has received more than 2, 200 5-star reviews. This omnibus edition includes the first FIVE novels in the popular Reflections Series, plus two short stories, and is more than 1200 pages of romance, action and danger set in one of the richest, most complex worlds in the genre. Adri Paige's arrival in Sanctuary thrusts her into a dangerous, shadowy world most people don't believe exists, and places her in the middle of a war between darkly handsome Alec Graves and charismatic Brandon Worthingfield that threatens to consume the entire town. On the surface, both Alec and Brandon are nothing more than average high-school guys, but as Adri is pulled ever more deeply into their conflict she realizes that one of them wants to kill her. Adri needs to decide who to trust before her time runs out once and for all. The first seven installments of the breathtaking epic paranormal romance Reflections series are finally available in one place for more than 50% off of the normal retail price. This Bundle includes: Broken Torn Splintered Intrusion Numb Trapped Forsaken Keywords: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, YA, Shape shifters, Werewolves, Teen, Urban Fantasy, VampiresThe tires were the biggest Ia#39;d seen on anything outside of a tractor, and the lift kit on it was so outrageously tall that I was pretty sure someone was going to have to lift me into the cab. By myself it was going to take a rope and climbing shoes.

Title:The Reflections Series Books 1 - 7
Author:Dean Murray
Publisher:Fir'shan Publishing - 2015-05-22


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