The Red Road

The Red Road

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A father's love. A family's tragedy. A daughter's revenge. Honor student Emma knows more about galvanic cell diagrams than guns. College is the only way out of her gang-ridden hometown, but her parents can't afford it. When her unemployed dad lands a job as a census taker, things start looking up. But he's sent deep into East Malo Verde, where gang members rule the streets and fear anyone with a badge who knocks on doors. One night, a gang member mistakes him for a cop and beats him savagely, leaving him for dead. Her best friends, her chem lab partner, her mom, and the detective assigned to the case all try to convince her to focus on school. But school won't prepare her for a world that ignores a crime against a good man. Emma must decide what's more important: doing what's expected, or doing what she feels is right . . . even if it leads her down a dark and dangerous path of revenge. The Red Road is about a girl in turmoil, coming of age as she discovers the depths - and the limits - of friendship, first love, and the bond between parents and their children. Subjects: contemporary literature, literary fiction, psychological fiction, family dramaMr. Lopez erased the board, his arm swiping right to left. When he ... The buttons were as yellow as a coffee tastera#39;s teeth and the plastic cover split like a fat mana#39;s pants, but it still had the original usera#39;s manual in the inside pocket. She couldanbsp;...

Title:The Red Road
Author:Jenni Wiltz
Publisher:Decanter Press - 2015-01-26


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