The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency - Book One

The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency - Book One

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Thirty six year old MacDonald Smith (Mac to his friends) and his wife Deborah, who was a year his junior, emigrated from England to New Zealand in August 1950, just a few months after their wedding in Spain. Deborah had spent six months in Auckland soon after leaving school and had such happy memories of her time there, that she had persuaded Mac that New Zealand was the place for them to start their married life together. Whilst Deborah had been able to simply change jobs, with the big London Insurance Company she had worked for, Mac, who had been a draughtsman in England, working in the planning department of a local council, had to start job hunting all over again. During one of the periods that Mac was un-employed, he had undertaken a short investigation for his cousin Arnold, who worked for a bank in Australia. During this investigation, he had met a twenty five year old young lady named Carice van Offstrop, who was also now in the throes of moving to Auckland and looking for a new job. When Carice telephoned Mac three days before Christmas, to find out how his search for a new job was going, she had no idea that her call would lead to such an unusual and interesting proposition. This book does not contain bad language, gratuitous violence or sex scenes.a€œYoua#39;re a hard task master Debs, we could always just move house and find one with a smaller garden, a€ he suggested. ... Iust then the telephone rang, so Mac wandered through to the hall and picked up the receiver, it was Rosie, ringing to anbsp;...

Title:The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency - Book One
Author:Lucidus Smith
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-02-26


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