The Real Win

The Real Win

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a€œI can't speak highly enough about the way this book addresses manhood in our culture. Biblically challenging and radically applicable, it honestly addresses the deepest longings and fears a man faces.a€ --Matt Chandler Prepare for a paradigm-shifting view of biblical manhood. Every man wants to succeed. But for so many, life seems to get in the way. We all have friendsa€”good men, followers of Christ evena€”who start out well but before long, theya€™re failing at relationships, bending ethical standards, or driving themselves so hard at work theya€™re losing the hearts of their wife and kids. In The Real Win, Colt McCoy and Matt Carter wrestle deeply and personally with this challenge, then deliver down-to-earth, biblical answers. Based on their personal experiences and a close study of Scripture, McCoy and Carter show men: a€c Why so much depends on who you trust and who you serve a€c Why every man is called to lead and why every man can a€c How to man up to temptationa€”and conquer it a€c How to fi nd the a€œwina€ even in your biggest failure a€œThe real win means trusting the Lord and walking with Jesus no matter what, a€ write Matt and Colt. a€œThat kind of faithfulness is possible for any man who follows God with all his heart. No matter what circumstances threaten him, a faithful man is the most truly confi dent man in the room.a€ Complete with practical study guide for personal or small group use.a€œI cana#39;t speak highly enough about the way this book addresses manhood in our culture.

Title:The Real Win
Author:Colt McCoy, Matt Carter
Publisher:Multnomah Books - 2013-05-07


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