The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

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2011 Retailers Choice Award winner! a€œWhy are Christians against same-sex people getting married? . . . Why do you believe God exists at all? . . . Why would God allow evil and suffering? . . . Why trust the Bible when ita€™s full of mistakes? . . . How could a loving God send people to hell? . . . What makes you think Jesus was more than just a good teacher? . . . Why are Christians so judgmental?a€ Some questions can stop a conversation. Today, more than ever, people are raising difficult, penetrating questions about faith, God, and the Bible. Based on an exclusive new Barna survey of 1, 000 Christians, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask presents compelling, easy-to-grasp answers to ten of the most troubling questions facing Christians today. These include everything from the existence of heaven to the issues of abortion and homosexuality, as well as the question of whether evolution eliminates our need for a God.(With Answers) Mark Mittelberg ... Given the magnitude of this question about the Bible and the space limitations of one chapter, wea#39;ll focus most of our comments on the reliability of the New Testament. ... them (and to see how studying several of them will enrich your understanding of Scripture) see

Title:The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask
Author:Mark Mittelberg
Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. - 2010-10-25


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