The QB

The QB

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With unparalleled access to Heisman Trophy-winning phenom Johnny Manziel, Bruce Feldman has written a modern-day tale about the making of the next superstars in football's most important position: the quarterback. In the world of modern football, with NFL teams worth more than a billion dollars, no position defines a franchise like the quarterback. The QB is the story of a year in the making of those star players, and of the most significant year in QB development in sporta€™s historya€b with the meteoric rise of various quarterback gurus finally coming to light. George Whitfield, profiled in the New Yorker and called the a€œQuarterback Whisperer, a€ gets a regular spot on ESPNa€™s College GameDay, Trent Dilfer, former Super Bowl quarterback, starts his own qb business, Steve Clarkson, another qb maker, gets profiled on 60 minutes, among many others. It is also the year 5a€™10a€ Russell Wilson wins the Super Bowl and for the first time in over 60 years a sub-6-foot QB, Johnny Manziel, gets drafted in the first round, forcing NFL power brokers to re-examine how they look at the positiona€”and the game. To tell the story of all that goes on to create the perfect quarterback, bestselling author Bruce Feldman gained unique access to qJohnny Footballq (that's Johnny Manziel), George Whitfield and many other players in what has become a specialized and high-stakes business. In the past decade the boom of the private quarterback-coach business, with its pageant-world-for-boys vibe, has changed the position and the game. The QB tells the story of the interlocking paths of the most fascinating characters involved in this secretive world, examining how advanced analysis has taken root in football. Manziela€™s portrait is the most intimate look at him yet, detailing all his talents and antics. His guru is a man who has come to be known for making QBs--George Whitfield, unparalleled in the business. And then there is Trent Dilfer, the quarterback who never could get to the superstar level, despite winning the Super Bowl. He is the Salieri to Manziel's Mozart. There is the computer/brain analysis company trying to quantify how playmakers think, the biomechanics expert who saved Drew Breesa€™s career, and many more fascinating behind-the-scenes looks into this world. Never before has the game so relied on the development of the quarterback. In The QB, the stories of these men illustrate how high the stakes of the quarterbacka€™s game really are, taking readers on a compelling journey into the heart of America's beloved game.Many recoiled at Tebowa€”or at least the idea of Tebowa€”asif hewas some over- saturated pop-music act. ... Jets for a couple of middle-round draft picks but was cut after one season, being used primarily as a special teamer. Right around the time word started to spread that Tebow had been cut by the Patriots, House got a call from Tom Brady: a€œI think Tim is gonna call you, because he feels like ... Tebow had actually worked with House for a week in 2012 right before he went to the Jets.

Title:The QB
Author:Bruce Feldman
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2014-10-28


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