The Power of Your Other Hand

The Power of Your Other Hand

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Brain researchers in recent years have discovered the vast, untapped potential of the brain's little used, right hemisphere. Lucia Capacchione has discovered that our non-dominant hand is a direct channel to that potential and, through the qother handq exercises and experiments in this course, she will show you how to do such things as: Talk to your inner child Aid in recovery from addictions Channel the deep inner wisdom of your True Self Help your body to heal Heal your relationships Unlock creativity Uncover hidden artistic abilities Change negative attitudes about yourself Like Betty Edwards groundbreaking work the New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Lucia's research and field work with people using their other hand provides the raw material for this book. As an art therapist she has observed numerous people using these techniques and becoming more creative, expressive, and intuitive in their lives. She has also noticed people improving their health, developing inner healing powers, and receiving greater fulfillment in their relationships. Through various drawing and writing exercises with your other hand, Lucia Capacchione hopes you will discover the power that lies hidden in your other hand. The exercises will help you explore and understand your thoughts and feelings on a completely different level, finding out things about yourself that have been buried or concealed for quite some time. Praise for Previous Edition qLucia Capacchione's workshop was a powerful tool on my healing journey. This book shares her insights and gives you the opportunity to heal your relationship with your inner child. Go for it!q --Louise L Hay, author, You Can Heal Your Life qA practical, playful, insightful and delightful way to get in touch with the lnner Self. It is remarkable that one's own intuitive wisdom and creativity can be tapped so easily, in a process that is readily available to usq --Joan Borysenko, PhD, Harvard Medical School, author, Minding the Body, Mending the MindI always worked hardest in this area and received my worst grades in English and foreign languages. At 15 I had many male ... I was very angry because the teacher was forcing me to write my essay with my left hand. My right arm was tightlyanbsp;...

Title:The Power of Your Other Hand
Author:Lucia Capacchione
Publisher:Career Press - 2001


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