The Power of Ducks

The Power of Ducks

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Synopsis of The Power of Ducks Reaching manhood in an African American family during the turbulent 1960a€™s , the author watched his father and brother challenge the system, only to be struck down and ruined. Choosing a safer path, he stayed in school and was the first in his family to graduate from college. To fulfill his military obligation he joined the Naval Reserves. Initially, he adhered to his fathera€™s admonition to do what he was told and keep quiet, but eventually he faced a life defining choice - confronted with deplorable living conditions, rampant racism, denial of basic human rights, and an illegal war, should he suppress his core life values or should he speak out? This story is about the actions taken by the author and his fellow sailors, or ducks, that led to the creation of GIa€™s Against Fascism, the first major movement within the Navy in southern California to expand sailorsa€™ rights and challenge the Vietnam War. Each paid a price for speaking out, but by forming a bond cemented by courage, determination, and loyalty, they raised the awareness of issues that contributed to a new navy and the end of the Vietnam War.Seeing men prepare for war was a fascinating, and at the same time, frightening process. I had a personal interest in this unit, because I was selected, among the many yeoman in the squadron, to type the secret training manual for the OV-10.

Title:The Power of Ducks
Author:Robert G. Mahoney
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-11-30


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