The Pornographic Pizza

The Pornographic Pizza

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Romping through his private and professional lives, a child psychologist culls funny, outrageous and sometimes sad vignettes in which he: is spooked by a lump of blue coal is involved in a nun's death orders up a pornographic pizza meets a beady-eyed snowman lends Betsy Ross a helping hand is outwitted by a raccoon treats Santa Claus for a seasonal depression conjures up a killer dog as a pet resolves a child's birthday dilemma is stumped by a locked room murder mystery confronts a Latino Santa Claus in a grocery store survives in the world of competitive bridge tournaments, and still has the energy to write more unique and off-beat stories, blending reality with fantasy, in a light-hearted and amusing style.It was so steep the WPA built a toboggan slide parallel to the street, on the property of the Benjamin Franklin School. Nobody I ... seriously cutting into my touch football time. Thus I arrived at maxim number five. If business is better than ever; and things are going smoothly with no problems, you must not be paying attention.

Title:The Pornographic Pizza
Author:Robert Geiser
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-04


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