The Polaris Uprising

The Polaris Uprising

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No citizen shall be left behind. Life in Neress is simple. For nearly four decades, people have known exactly what's expected of them. Obey the rules, follow the path that's been laid out, and everything will be provided for: food, shelter, education, safety. No need goes unmet. But the price is steep: you lose all rights to make your own choices in life. In seven years, eighteen-year-old Ryla Jensen will come of age and take over for her father as president of this idyllic nation. Groomed since childhood to take on a role she's not even sure she wants, Ryla's only escape from the pressures of duty is her sister, Alanna. But when her eyes are finally opened to the oppressive regime her father built, she begins to question everything she's set to inherit--and finds herself at odds with her sister's blind allegiance to their father. Torn between loyalty to her family and the fight for freedom, Ryla must decide just how far she's willing to go to make a stand and risk losing the person she loves most in the world: Alanna.Fenwick couldna#39;tbe giving themthe encryption code, could he? The onlyway to keepallPolaris communication undetected across the frequencyband encrypt it. There were several different codes that they wasto cycled througha€”Gates insistedanbsp;...

Title:The Polaris Uprising
Author:Jennifer Ibarra
Publisher:Tiwala Books - 2013-10-27


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