The Philosophy of Race

The Philosophy of Race

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qRaceq is so highly charged and loaded a concept it often hampers critical thinking about racial practice and policy. A philosophical approach allows us to isolate and analyse the key questions: What is race? Can we do without race? What is racism and why is it wrong? What should our policies on race and racism be? The Philosophy of Race presents a concise and up-to-date overview of the central philosophical debates about race. It then builds on this philosophical foundation to analyse the sociopolitical questions of racism and race-relevant policy. Throughout, the discussion is illustrated with a wide range of examples: Afro-American 'blackness'; British-Asian racial formation; Aboriginal identity in Australia; the racial grouping of Romany-Gypsies and Jews in Europe; categories of race in Brazil; and the concept of model minorities in the US and UK.NoArs 38(4): 644Ay73. Mallon, Ron 2007. ... Differences in Vision Acuity: A Review, with Speculative Notes on Selection Relaxation I„. Eugenics Quarterly 9(4): 189Ay 212. ... Philosophy aamp; Public Affairs 32(2): 131Ay70. Rockquemore. Kerry Anneanbsp;...

Title:The Philosophy of Race
Author:Albert Atkin
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-10-14


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