The Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope

The Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope

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The qPhantom of the Moviesq, aka Joe Kane, has been avidly watching qBq movies since the 1960s and chronicling their mainstreaming over the past decade. His new book contains 3, 000 reviews of thrillers and action flicks, horror, camp and comedy classics, sexploitation, sci-fi, and westerns, and incorporates exclusive celebrity interviews with genre heavyweights Gary Oldham, Jackie Chan, and Pamela Grier, and directors John Waters and Wes Craven. 100 illustrations.The Ultimate Guide to the Latest, Greatest, and Weirdest Genre Videos Phantom of the Movies, Joe Kane ... In late a#39;99 WinStar issued two highly recommended earlier Kitano outings, 1989a#39;s Boiling Point and 1990a#39;s Violent Cop (DVD). ... ( Artisan) Fabiana#39;s fab as a sleazy hustler who becomes a singing evangelist in longtime AIP helmer Toppera#39;s entertaining action exploitationer designed to cash in onanbsp;...

Title:The Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope
Author:Phantom of the Movies, Joe Kane
Publisher:Three Rivers Press (CA) - 2000


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